Dental Treatment

All patients, NHS, private and insurance funded patients benefit from our dedication to providing excellent routine treatment…it’s as important as anything else we do.
During each visit as well as having time to discuss any concerns you may have, we will carry out a thorough examination including:

  • Take a computerised digital record of your treatment
  • Complete a full gum health assessment
  • Assess all the soft tissue inside your mouth
  • Look at your bite
  • Take any necessary x rays
  • Carefully examine your jaw joints

We can also provide the following:

  • Ozone® treatment to treat early enamel lesions and help prevent cavities
  • Endodontic treatment carried out to a very high standard
  • All aspects of surgical dentistry including wisdom tooth extractions
  • Sedation for routine dentistry is available. We offer intravenous sedation or relative analgesia (nitrous oxide/oxygen)
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