Nervous Patients

At Lisburn road dental all of our staff understands the fear and anxiety that going to the dentist can cause for some patients and we are extremely compassionate towards them.

Our goal is to make nervous patients feel as safe and comfortable as we possibly can during their visit. Many of our nervous patients opt to have Sedation to help them relax and feel at ease during their treatment.

What sedation is offered?

We offer I.V sedation which is sedation that is given through an injection in the arm. You will not be ‘put to sleep’ as in general anaesthetic. You should however feel calm and relaxed during the treatment and not feel anxious about the surrounding environment. You will be able to speak during the treatment, but you may not remember everything you have said.

How will I be affected after sedation?

The sedation will take a couple of hours after your treatment to fully wear off and your may still feel quite drowsy during this period. You will be unable to drive and will need to be escorted home.
However the dentist will discuss this with you before any treatment commences and make sure that you are fully aware of aftercare instructions before you are sedated.

The effects of sedative medicine take some time to wear off and your dentist will tell you how long the drugs will take to clear from your body. You won’t be able to drink alcohol, drive or work machinery during this time.