Adare Todd

HELP! I was in the greatest difficulty with the replacement of veneers on 4 teeth. Shock horror the impression did not seem to be mine! Recommended to see Mr Finnegan – went straight from my dentist to Mr Finnegan’s surgery in tears.

I was asked did I want ‘beautiful teeth’, of course I did; and so started a procedure which should have taken months but I was going to Australia in 3 weeks and all stops were pulled out.

I can never thank Mr Finnegan enough for all the work he did with the replacement teeth and redoing fillings which had not been done properly. Australia here I come. I am in Belfast each year and continue to have my dental work carried out by Mr Finnegan.

Susan McMaster

As a family we have been with Greg’s practice for almost 20 years. During that time he has provided us with a superb standard of care and guidance. I love that Greg is so interested and enthusiastic about his work, constantly updating his skills and knowledge. Recently I have undertaken some cosmetic work and am absolutely delighted with the result. I wouldn’t have considered this had I not had complete confidence in Greg’s skill and vision.

Eamonn Mallie

In a fast moving world where professionalism is fading, it is refreshing to be acquainted with Lisburn Road Dental and Implant Practice. The environment is welcoming, hygienic and the ongoing attention to my teeth by Mr Finnegan and his staff is of the highest order.

Jennifer Haskins

I have had trouble with my teeth all my life, requiring constant visits to the dentist over the years until they were so heavily filled that my dentist said he couldn’t do anything more with them, and most of them would need to be crowned. When I heard the cost of having this work done I knew I just couldn’t afford it, until a friend said to me that I should get an assessment done by Greg Finnegan in Lisburn Road Dental Clinic, Belfast.

I did this, although I was not confident that anything could be done with my teeth because of the state they were in, but to my surprise Greg said he could do them, at a price I could afford, and now after a number of visits, I have a mouthful of lovely teeth, which were commented on by an elderly lady who had no idea what they had been like before the work was done.

I now smile with confidence, and can eat without worrying about a piece of tooth breaking off. I would recommend Greg’s work to anyone who is worried about the appearance or condition of their teeth.

Celine Hagan

Recently I had dental implants done by Mr Finnegan at his Lisburn Road Practice. I cannot emphasise enough the comfort, practicality and aesthetic benefits of my treatment. Mr Finnegan’s enthusiasm attention to detail and professionalism inspired me with confidence in his ability to perform the surgery. He and his staff were caring and supportive throughout my entire treatment.

I wasn’t disappointed by the finished result as I can now smile with confidence and enjoy a normal life without the discomfort of a denture. I would highly recommend dental implants for a natural smile and a feeling of ‘Normality’.

Glenn Patterson

About fifteen years ago I was renting a house on the Lisburn Road, having just moved back to Belfast from Manchester. One of the last things I had done before leaving England was have a couple of front crowns fitted. I was rather proud of them, not least because one of them replaced a denture I had had to get when I was seventeen. (A long story of adolescent disregard coupled with someone else’s elbow during a match in a cow field somewhere around Drumbo.)

Greg Finnegan was recommended to me by a friend as being (a) just around the corner; and (b) totally unlike any dentist I would ever have met. (a) was unarguable, (b) was practically a guarantee that the experience would fall well short of expectation. Still I needed a dentist. I walked the short distance from my door to his.


And I had to admit, he was the first dentist I had seen who didn’t look like he had been drawn by Gerald Scarfe (I used to have nightmares about my childhood dentist), whose patter didn’t sound like it had been scripted by Roald Dahl in one of his darker moods. Almost the first thing he asked me was who did my crowns.

I told him, this guy in Manchester.

He didn’t look impressed. He looked, in fact, pained on my behalf.

‘What’s wrong with them?’ I asked.

‘Oh, there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just… Well you know how in paint stores you have dozens and dozens of shades of white and then you have pure brilliant white?’

I did.

‘Well twenty-eight of your teeth are a shade, and two are brilliant white.’

I studied the crowns in the mirror he had angled towards me. He was right. They were. Brilliant… and not so brilliant at all.

It wasn’t a question of cleaning or polishing the other twenty-eight (though Greg cleaned and polished as assiduously as my Granny Coates once did her front step); it was a question of harmony.

Everyone’s teeth were a different shade. Greg showed me on his computer. That was one of the other things you noticed about Greg. He showed you things. He talked to you about what he might do. This wasn’t ‘me dentist, you patient, open wide and accept it’. This was a conversation.

And if, very occasionally, you were sitting in the waiting room ten minutes after your appointment time, that was OK too. Why should I – why should any of us –be the only one he had conversations with?

We talked for two years (I went home in between times, of course, other people came and sat in the chair, got to see the computer) before I had the crowns replaced.

And, Reader, I haven’t stopped smiling since.

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  • Avatar Anthony Sidebottom ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I've been a patient of Mr Finnegan for some time now, (I have never written a review before) however the standard of care I receive at his practice is of such a high standard that I feel compelled to let others know.
    I really don't know where to begin, what I like is that on arrival: professional frontline staff put you at ease with a friendly and inviting smile.
    As for Mr Finnegan, after the initial assessment he explains the necessary treatment and what it will entail, in a reassuring and easy to understand manner.
    The quality of the dental care is quite frankly exceptional, Mr Finnegan is thorough, dedicated and an expert in his field.
    Finally I have to mention the 'post treatment' care. This for me is very important. Anytime time when the need has arisen here - he and his staff have been most accommodating - creating time and space in an already busy schedule, to cater for whatever the issue maybe.
    If you want treatment in a caring and friendly environment with professional staff - I highly recommend this practice.
  • Avatar Stephen Kirwan ★★★★★ in the last week
    Went about a year ago had terrible time with pervious dentist and no confidence in my teeth hated smiling, Greg has helped me so much and did so much great work I can actually confidently smile again. The staff as well are very welcoming and more than helpful. He will be my dentist until he retires couldn't recommend him enough.
  • Avatar Anthony Creen ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Excellent Care and Treatment ! Greg has treated my family for years now. My son is particularly timid when it comes to having work done and Greg is so caring, never rushed and very professional in his approach. All my experiences in this dental practice have been first class. Front desk manage bookings and any other communications such professionalism without loosing the personal touch. Highly recommended.
  • Avatar Rio Warwick ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Just what to say massive thank you to everyone at Lisburn Road Dental, I was very nervous to attend but from the desk staff to Greg I was made to feel comfortable, Greg done an amazing job and even saved me a few pounds which always helps. Thanks to Greg I can smile and can even laugh without putting my hand over my mouth. Thank you all.
  • Avatar Peter MartinPro ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Greg, is ahead of his time. I had been suffering from headaches and sleep deprivation, and have stuck with the process of moving my jaw forward and changing my bite. This was to ease the pressure and stop the grinding. I’m a year into the process and can comfortably say Gregs professionalism and time taken with me has changed my life. I have no pain and my sleeping pattern has changed for the better. I’m looking forward to the next stage and am confident that Greg and his team are the only place to be. Look forward to posting pictures when the works complete. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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